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Let s talk, for a moment, about a curious architectural feature of many mid century homes the sunken living room. For a while, it was all the rage .Lately, we ve been seeing more and more discussions of sunken living rooms. They are showing up everywhere from period appropriate tv .The Sunken Living Room. by David Caudle. Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy m, f. “A moving period drama about emotional abandonment a witty and .Recessed living areas known as sunken living roomsand their cozier cousins, conversation pitsspread like wildfire during the s, appearing in newly .Houzz has the largest collection of home design photos and inspiration, including Sunken Living Room, for your next project. Browse our collection of .This project for a young bachelor had a living room floor that was sunken about inches, just enough to trip you up and send you sprawling .Sunken living rooms continue to be popular along with the popularity of open house concept. You ll love these amazing sunken living room ideas!.SUNKEN LIVING IDEAS The sunken residing area is really a cozy area inside a house that s developed along with open up floor concept .When you start making sunken living room plans you should know the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of space..

The space of the living room, while on a lower level than the kitchen and dining area, feels open and inviting, even with the hardness of exposed structure and concrete flooring. The open, sunken living area balances the coziness of the kitchen and dining rooms beautifully..The sunken living room may seem like one of those old trends, but the truth is otherwise. Sunken living rooms continue to be popular, especially now that open concept homes are so popular as well!.A sunken living room is a cozy space in a home that is designed with open floor concept. It’s an amazing area as it gives you a separate space where you ca.The sunken living room in the picture above is part of a massive open layout home. From its vantage point, you’ll be able to see the modern curved staircase, a pool game area on the left, a small entertainment nook on the right and the kitchen on the far back..We tried all our best in this article to give you the best sunken living room design ideas which will be a good inspiration.Personally, I love sunken living rooms for the same reason I love other weird, impractical home features, like sunken tubs they look cool. When properly executed, a sunken living room can have a certain magic to it, both dramatic and intimate at the same time..If your sunken living room was done just for aesthetics, then maybe it’s time to change it. If it was done because, perhaps, your house is situated on a slope and your house steps down with the grade, then at least put a contrasting floor material at .The sunken living room off the dining room is a perfect space for lounging or entertaining. Neutral wood tones in the floor, shelves and support beams play off the brightly colored furnishings, while modern art and knickknacks add interest..Maria, I have emailed you some photos of a step down living room in an Atlanta house we built years ago and sold two years ago. The photos don’t do justice to the spaces, but the “sunken” living room x w ceiling .Designer Natalie Epstein used a sunken living room in a Santa Monica, California, house when a remodel opened up the kitchen, family and living rooms into one continuous space. Epstein recognized the need for some delineation..

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