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Days ago Il capitano was Italy s Matteo Salvinithe far right Interior Minister whose rise over just six months has jolted Europe s establishment..Cecile Kyenge, an MEP who had bananas thrown at her and was likened to an orangutan during her time as Italy s integration minister, is being .Days ago The controversial interior minister grants TIME an au.nce to talk about his plans to Italy s Matteo Salvini on His Goal to Reshape Europe..Days ago Immigration czar leading mission to undo EU ANSA Washington, September Anti migrant Euroskeptic League leader and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has earned the front cover of the latest Time magazine with a photo captioned “the new face of Europe”, calling him .The globalist media finally admit nationalism is Europe s future!!! Support me on PATREON .Giorni fa ROMA Il prestigioso settim.e americano “Time” dedica la copertina della sua edizione europea a una foto in bianco e nero di Matteo .Pubblicato il . Matteo Salvini in copertina sul Time, che dedica al vice premier e ministro degli Interni un lungo articolo dal titolo Il nuovo volto .Giorni fa E bastata una copertina di Time per scatenare un putiferio da noi. Il settim.e americano mette abitualmente in copertina i volti degli uomini .Giorni fa Matteo Salvini segue Monti e Berlusconi sulla cover del settim.e Time. Prima ancora era toccato a Togliatti e Berlinguer, De Gasperi e .Giorni fa Il Time intervista Salvini sul numero del settembre su immigrazione, lavoro, rapporti con la Russia e con gli Stati Uniti..

Us with Salvini Italian Noi con Salvini, NcS , is a populist political party in Italy, whose main campaign themes are Euroscepticism and a strong stance against illegal immigration. The party, founded by Matteo Salvini on , is the sister party of Lega Nord LN for Lazio, southern Italy and Sardinia. The party participated .A rescue ship carrying migrants is stranded in the Mediterranean after Italy’s new interior minister refused permission for it to dock. Matteo Salvini, leader of .Opera Rara releases Bellini’s first opera Adelson e Salvini, written in while the composer was still a student at the Naples Conservatory. Marking the company’s third complete opera recording by Bellini, following La straniera and Il Pirata, up and coming bel canto specialist Daniele Rustioni leads the BBC Symphony Orchestra in their .CWN Editor’s Note Matteo Salvini, who became deputy prime minister and minister of the interior in June, has championed more restrictive policies toward migrants. The magazine, Famiglia Cristiana .Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini jetted to Libya to strike a deal with the government to combat people smugglers and illegal immigration..Gianfranco Formenton, a priest in Italy’s central Umbria region who has long preached against racism and in support of migrants, knows what it is like to clash with Matteo Salvini, the recently .Authored by Sharan Kumar via The Daily Cller, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has spoken out this week against the current rate of migrant deportations in Italy, claiming that it would take years to expel a backlog of , illegal immigrants unless more than , migrants are deported per year, reports ANSA In an impromptu meeting with other EU officials, he stressed the time .Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini wants to prevent any more migrants from coming to Italy and is skeptical of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s efforts to come up with a joint European solution..In the final week of Italy’s election campaign, Silvio Berlusconi scoffed at one of the country’s best known political interviewers when he dared question the wisdom of the four time prime .Salvini taunts Malta amid new migrant boat saga government hits back Malta says Lampedusa is closest port to vessel.

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