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Looking into minimalism? Check out our top examples for your living room, built with muted colouring, light wood, block sofas and strong architectural design..Use simple decorations. As mentioned in the above tips, one or two simple decorations can serve as accents for a minimalist room. A vase of flowers or a small potted plant are two classic examples..The minimalist aesthetic works so well in the dining room because it can create a clean canvas for the tapestry of the next meal that will be shared..Post written by Leo Babauta.Follow me on Twitter I can’t claim that my home is completely minimalist, but it surely isn’t cluttered, and most people I know would call it a pretty minimalist home..Bedside Table Lamp, Aooshine Minimalist Solid Wood Table Lamp Bedside Desk Lamp Simple Desk Lamp, Round Nightstand Lamp with Fabric Shade don’t go for matching furniture. We curate our furniture based on a design philosophy. Pieces should be well crafted, functional, durable and timeless, so whether a piece is based on French, Modern, Asian or Minimalist design, they all share the same design principles..Our Minimalist big digital clock is a cleanly designed LED clock that you can attach to your wall or place on your desk and have everyone look in astonishment at how hip and cool it is..Few rooms in the home get as much daily use as the living room, which is often used as a space to entertain guests, watch a movie with the whole family, or relax while reading a book..”Cheerfulness and contentment are great beautifiers.” Charles Dickens. A few years back, I experimented with reducing my wardrobe by joining Project The idea behind Project is simple Wear only articles of clothing for the next months..You might associate a boutique bedroom design with a trendy hotel, but you can enjoy sumptuous luxury even in a dated apartment.Here, we upholstered the chaise in a vibrant blue velvet crocodile fabric, toning with teal coloured velvets on the deep buttoned headboard and runner..

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