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Next Estimated Jackpot Cash Option $ million. $. . MILLION. Cash Option $ million. Next Drawing pm ET Tuesday . Next Drawing .$ MILLION. Play one of North America s largest lottery draw games every Tuesday and Friday for a chance to become the next MEGA Millions winner..With rolling jackpots starting at $ million, Mega Millions is more exciting than ever! To play, choose five numbers from a field of and one Mega Ball .**The jackpot prize will be shared among jackpot winners in all MEGA MILLIONS states. All non jackpot prizes are set payouts. If funds are insufficient to pay set .Take a chance at life changing mega jackpots for just $ with the Mega Millions game..Mega Millions is a multi state game, with mega jackpots starting at $ million the jackpot grows until there s a winner!.*The jackpot prize is excluded from Megaplier and jackpot winners may elect to receive the prize in graduated annual installments or in a single present .

Beware of Lottery Scams! Learn more to protect yourself from scammers fraudulently using the Mega Millions name..Each Mega Millions play costs $ Pick five numbers between one Mega Ball number between . If you’d rather have the Lottery computer randomly select your numbers for you, ask your Retailer for a “Quick Pick.”.Quick Pick is the easiest way to play. Ask for a Quick Pick and the computer will choose random numbers for you. Skip right to Step . If you’d rather choose your own numbers, grab a Mega Millions .Official site for California Lottery. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the winning number information on, mistakes can occur.Please be sure to refresh your page and look for the draw date when viewing winning numbers..Play Mega Millions online any time or at your favorite Michigan Lottery retailer for a chance to win the growing jackpot..The All New Mega Millions! Larger Starting Jackpots! The starting jackpot for Mega Millions is more than double! The starting jackpots for Mega Millions has increased from $ million to $ million..Nothing beats the thrill of Mega Millions one of the exciting PA Lottery games offering the chance to win a jackpot! Mega Millions is fun and easy to play. The Mega Millions jackpot starts at $ million, and the sky’s the limit until someone matches the winning Lottery numbers and wins!. One winning ticket was sold for the whopping $ million Mega Millions jackpot, with a one time cash option of $ million, Mega Millions officials said..Get ready for bigger jackpots and bigger fun! Now you can play for starting jackpots of $ million for only $ per game! That means bigger, faster rolls!.Select the number of plays tickets you want to purchase, then select the number of times drawings you want to play each ticket. Choose numbers from and a MEGA BALL number from or select Quik Pik to have the computer randomly select your numbers..

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